Cleaning gutters properly-How to Do it

Properly cleaning gutters is becoming a significant problem for property and homeowners. Several factors could account for this. First, the channels are hard to reach due to their nature and can be found at higher heights. Second, using the correct tools for gutter cleaning requires consistency. 

What happens if the gutter becomes clogged?

In places where there are trees, the gutter or part of the channel can quickly become blocked. As a result, rainwater is either discharged slowly or not at all. 

The rain gutter will eventually overflow as the water must go somewhere. Accumulation of water is directly responsible for wall damage.

It is advisable to place leaf grates over the gutter to prevent this from ever happening. It is enough to clean the gutter of leaves and dirt if it has clogged up. If rainwater does not drain, the downspout has likely become blocked. 

What is the purpose of a Gutter?

Rain gutters protect roofs from water damage and keep the ground and walls below dry. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain gutters’ functionality. Leafs, moss, and branches can build up on the roof and cause gutters to overflow.

Why cleaning is so important

If it is not cleaned, it can become clogged with foreign material. As a result, rainwater is less likely to be absorbed efficiently. In addition, clogged gutters can cause severe damage to the roof and facade if it is not cleaned regularly.

These are the most basic guidelines for cleaning gutters correctly

Most often, drains become blocked in autumn, when leaf fall begins, mainly if there are any old leaves. It can also clog vertically-mounted downspouts if autumnal rains later wet them. As a result, the house can flood, and the exterior can soak.

Remove the leaves 

First, remove all leaves. It is easiest to remove the leaves from the gutters by using a hand broom. Next, move it into a bucket or leaf bag that has been lifted on a ladder.

Use your old hand broom to remove the old, dry, or already soaked leaves from your gutter cross-section. However, the property and real estate owners may also use a professional gutter cleaner with a telescope-able handle. These tools are available in large numbers and with many other comments at the relevant trades and on the Internet. They are usually equipped with different trowels, with the most diverse brushes or bristles at their ends. This can be chosen by the property owner or house to clean the gutter of old leaves.

No dirt, leaves, or branches should be allowed to go into the downpipe. But, unfortunately, many homeowners and property owners neglect to clean the gutter of any dirt, units, old leaves, or bird nests. Instead, they throw them into the next downpipe.

Use a ladder

a ladder is the best tool for cleaning gutters. You can clean the gutters quickly, and the worker does not need to take down a bucket or a bag of garbage from the ladder. However, the deceptive cleanliness might backfire in many cases very soon. Before attaching to the gutter or eaves, this ladder should be long enough. The ladder should not be too high or too low. A second person should hold the ladder’s foot with their hands so that it doesn’t slip on the edge of the gutter.

Rainwater and meltwater seep into the downpipe, accumulating in front of it until it eventually causes the gutter to overflow with the next downpour. House facades can become soiled due to this.

Safety at work is essential.

Most accidents happen in the home. There is no doubt about this. Therefore, it is imperative to clean gutters regularly. However, if done incorrectly or with the wrong tools, it can lead to severe accidents.

You should wear proper rubberized gloves and heel-enclosing shoes to clean gutters.

If you have a fear or concern about heights or cannot clean your gutters correctly, you can hire a professional such as a roofer or janitorial service.

Regularity is key

Gutter cleaning is an everyday fall activity for property and homeowners. However, this approach must be criticized as being dangerously irresponsible. Cleaning our gutters only in the fall neglects the dirt, twigs, and leaves that accumulate there, as well as bird nests.

Regular inspections, revisions, and, if necessary, cleaning are essential to protect the home and the real estate owner from dirt accumulation in autumn. It also gives the needed security that the roof drainage system is in the best possible condition.

The homeowner should make it a point to inspect all gutters on their house and outbuildings. Whenever possible, ask a friend to help you with this and use the right tools and aids.

Using this method, you can review the gutters on your home or outbuilding to detect damaged areas. The sun’s UV radiation can cause damage to gutters, especially those made of PVC. Hailstorms, snowfall, and freezing water in the downpipes and gutters can also cause weathering. In extreme situations, roofs and canopies may suffer the destruction of their drainage systems.

Cleaning rain gutters – tips

Cleaning rain gutters is a legal requirement for homeowners. This is the only way to ensure that rainwater drains away and there is no risk of flooding. A poorly cleaned gutter leads to damage to the facade and, in the worst case, the flooding of residential buildings. Therefore, it’s time to get up on the ladder and start cleaning. The following points are worth noting:

  • Use an old hand broom to sweep out leaves.
  • Do not sweep dirt into the downpipe.
  • Secure the ladder well.
  • Be aware of the risk of slipping due to wet hands and shoes.
  • Clean regularly, and then the gutter will not clog.
  • Do not clean only in autumn. Plant debris also accumulates in the spring.
  • Tips for gutter cleaning – plastic bottle and leaf guard.

Putting a filter on the downspout prevents clogging.

Gutter cleaning consists, firstly, of the removal of coarse dirt. The second step is a rinse, which dissolves smaller dirt deposits. Finally, a few tips help to clean the gutter as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, the homeowner can use a filter and plastic bottle for this purpose. 

  • Cut the plastic bottle in half, punch a hole in the bottom half and use it as a scoop for the gutter.
  • Do not sweep too close to the wall to protect the facade.
  • Finally, flush the drain with a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner. Leave the sieve firmly on the downpipe.
  • Do not work towards the front when flushing.
  • After cleaning is complete, flush the downspout with a pressure washer. In this way, clogs are avoided.
  • Facilitate future cleaning of the gutter by installing a downspout grate.
  • With grate in place, remove coarse debris by hand, remove the grate, rinse on the ground and reattach.

Clogged downpipe – what to do

If leaves or debris has clogged the downspout of rain gutters, then cleaning becomes more complex. To do this, the homeowner needs a pipe-cleaning spiral from the hardware store that loosens clogs.

Do not forget the downpipe when cleaning the gutter

When cleaning gutters, the downpipe should always be the focus of attention. After all, the pipe is the most vulnerable part of the system.

Insert pipe cleaning spiral into the pipe from above as straight as possible to not damage it. Turn the circle while inserting it. Then, insert it to the lower end of the downpipe. It is the only way for the loosened dirt to reach the sewer system. Finally, flush with a high-pressure cleaner to prevent further clogging.

Professional help – do you need this?

A professional gutter cleaning is recommended if you want to save money. Roofers are experts in their field and can help you to solve your problem fast. You can find a local roofing company by searching the Yellow Pages. You might get a tip from family or friends, but the Yellow Pages cannot replace the experience of other customers with the craftsman.


There is nothing worse than a clogged gutter, and it can usually be repaired or cleaned within minutes. Nevertheless, if you prevent gutter clogging by taking protective measures and cleaning your gutters every year, blocking should not be an issue. Stay calm and hire a professional or do it yourself using the tips above. Lastly, never ignore clogged gutters, and have the problem repaired as quickly as possible so that no water damage occurs to the building facade. It is far more expensive to fix water damage than to have a gutter blocked.


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