Cleaning Deep Pile Carpets-Home Remedies and Tips

It is a beautiful fluffy carpet that you will see immediately after you purchase it. You may wonder how to clean this carpet once you have it home. Because of the long pile carpet’s suspicion when it comes to cleanliness.

Special cleaning agents can be used to remove stubborn dirt. There are also effective home remedies for stain removal.

✔️Light high pile carpet on a brown wooden floor

✔️High pile carpets can be cleaned with simple methods.

✔️The size and other factors of your carpet will determine the cleaning method.

What is high pile carpet?

What are the differences between short piles, long piles and high piles? All three types of carpet have loose fibers that run parallel to the backing fabrics. The fibers of short pile carpets are shorter than 1.5 cm high, while those of high pile carpets can reach five cm. Long pile carpets, on the other hand, have fibers over five cm. These two types are particularly popular because of their long piles. Here are the steps to clean fluffy carpets.

Pile types

Short-These piles are generally short and up to 15mm in height, but relatively dense.

Deep-Pile heights between 15mm and 50mm, with a density that is primarily lower

Long -The pile height is 50mm.

Regular cleaning is the best and easiest way to clean

High pile carpets should be cleaned regularly in order to keep them soft and fluffy. High pile carpets can become clogged quickly with dirt, hair, and other particles, which can lead to a messy appearance. These tips will show you how to clean carpets properly and which issues to be aware of.

You should clean your high-pile carpet as part of your household cleaning. A carpet nozzle is the best option for this task. This method allows carpet fibers to be gently brushed without being ruffled. This method makes it easy to remove surface dirt.

In addition to regular surface cleaning, high-pile fibers need to be aired regularly. You can clean your carpet yourself if it is small. Larger carpets will need professional assistance. Tape the carpet several times on the balcony or backyard. You can also use a broomstick to beat it. You can also take out your baseball bats or tennis rackets.

Regular vacuuming is important for allergy sufferers. Beat it up to expose the fibers and remove the dirt. It can be put back in its original location. Other allergens and mite droppings can be found outside. If you are allergic, you can either have someone else do it or use masks and goggles. Get in a good shower after beating the odds. You should take antihistamines and preventive medication approximately one hour before you start cleaning the carpets. Carpet cleaning shouldn't be stressful.

Remove stains as soon and as possible

You spilled coffee, juice, or red wine on the carpet suddenly. You can prevent your carpet from getting stained by taking action immediately. Be careful not to push the stain deeper into the carpet. Instead, use an absorbent cloth to wipe it up immediately. Once the stain has dried, you can alternately rub it with a moist and dry cloth until it disappears.

✔️Red wine staining and salt?

Yes! Salt is a great way to absorb red wine stains. If possible, let the stain sit overnight. Salt removes wine fibers. It is best to vacuum it out in the morning.

✔️Prevent urine smell!

To prevent your dog from making the same mistake again, you can use either a vinegar-water solution (or an enzyme cleaner). Both methods can neutralize the smell.

✔️Tip: Use vinegar water and enzyme cleaners on an inconspicuous location. They can cause discoloration in certain circumstances.

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Major cleaning can take longer

High-quality carpeting should be cleaned regularly. You also need to clean high-pile carpeting at least once every three to five year. There are three ways to clean carpet depending on its size and type.

✔️A specialized company can do professional carpet cleaning

✔️Small carpets can be washed gently

✔️Large carpets should be cleaned gently on the floor

Get your carpets cleaned by a professional

Professional carpet cleaning requires special equipment

Carpets with high pile will be cleaned thoroughly and treated with care after they are cleaned.

A professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to clean your carpets. Cleaning carpets by professionals is costlier than doing it yourself. You don’t have to pay more for a cleaner carpet. Expert handling and a great result are better.

Carpets made of natural fibers like wool or silk should be professionally cleaned by a professional company. They have the expertise and knowledge to clean carpets.

Tip: When you are looking for a professional to clean your carpets, make sure to research reviews and look at testimonials. In the carpet cleaning advertisement, it is important to include a clear price calculation.

You can bring small carpets with you to the carpet washer. You can also pick up the larger carpets after cleaning them and return them to your home. There are also companies that can come to your house and do the cleaning. It is important to discuss this with your carpet cleaning company in advance.

You can also have the provider come to your house with their equipment and do the cleaning right there. It is important to discuss with the company in advance whether this option is right for you and what your costs will be.

Don’t forget! It is important to discuss the cleaning method in advance. You should always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. There is often a reason why he recommends certain cleaning procedures.

Avoid falling for scams. Do not combine carpet cleaning with the sale of supposedly international customers. Some carpet dealers are attempting to scam elderly and gullible customers by using such techniques. These are some tips to keep in mind when you offer your carpet for purchase.

Wash with shampoo

This method can be used if your carpet is not too large, as long as it is dry outside (e.g. a pole for drying carpets) or inside the attic/basement. This is why carpet cleaning should be done in the summer.

  • Use a vacuum to clean the carpet.
  • Fill the bathtub with warm water to make it lukewarm
  • Add several tablespoons of undyed shampoo to the water.
  • It is recommended that the carpet be allowed to soak overnight.
  • After draining the water, run in lukewarm.
  • If you can, walk barefoot in the tub. This is the same as the traditional method for pressing grapes.
  • After draining the water and rinsing it several times, ensure that any soap residue or dirt is not visible.
  • You can ensure that your tub is drained of as much water overnight by leaving it unplugged
  • Dry your clothes outside

Large carpets can be cleaned on the floor

If you are looking to clean high-pile carpets, the first step is thorough vacuuming. You can wash large rugs that are permanently attached or have heavy furniture.

It is important to get rid of as much dirt, hair, and dust as you can. When vacuuming, use the first nozzle, then the brushes to comb the dirt from the fibers.

You will need a carpet machine, or steamer, to clean the carpet. Many hardware stores can lend you the right equipment. The fibers can be cleaned with a steamer, which cleans them very well. You can use carpet foam or a suitable powder if you don’t want to use the steamer.

Alternately, you could use household remedies like baking soda or baking powder to clean your carpets. Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet. Let it sit overnight. The carpet will be dry by morning and can be vacuumed.

Attention: Avoid using shaving cream more often than you should. Some ingredients can cause a sticky effect that attracts dirt and make it more difficult to remove.

Cleaning high-pile carpet – Tips

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly, including the backing as well as the floor below.
  • After you have cleaned the carpet, it is a good idea for the floor to be dried.
  • It’s a good idea to occasionally beat out a carpet pole (alternatively, rock on a frame), in addition to your regular vacuuming.
  • Regular wet cleaning is unnecessary if there is no soiling on the carpet. It will not remove any impregnation but will cause faster soiling
  • High pile carpets are better dried cleaned than washed during a snowstorm.

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