10 Household Hacks To Save Time and Make More Efficient & Faster

We barely have the time to do our daily household chores because of all the Other preparations. Instead of ironing clothes and cleaning the bathroom, bake cookies or buying presents. Helping, the cleaning portal, reveals Household hacks To Save Time and Make More Efficient & Faster

1. Clean blender at the touch of a button

You can add bananas, nuts and milk. Instead of cleaning the blender by hand, fill the container with hot water. Close the lid after about five minutes and then turn the blender on high for fifteen seconds. You can now make your next shake by rinsing the ingredients thoroughly and drying them off.

2. Freeze frozen food faster

How to: Defrosting is too slow for bear hunger This trick works: Flip a large metal pot upside down, and place the e.g. Place frozen meat wrapped in Clingfilm on the pot’s bottom. Place a second pot, filled with water, on top of the first one. The metal conducts the chill so the steak can be thawed in just 5-10 minutes. Bon Appetite!

3. Ironing without iron

You’re on Christmas Eve, and you grab your blouse from the closet. But: All the stress of preparation you forgot to iron it! You can hang your blouse in the bathroom while taking a shower. You should close all windows. After five to ten minute, the steam will make wrinkles disappear. The hot straightening iron will also help to reduce wrinkles.

4. Get rid of all lingering hand odors right away

How to: Your hands will smell like raw meat, garlic and all night long after you prepare the Christmas feast. A quick soak in whole milk can help. This will help to eliminate the hand odor by placing your hands in a bowl of whole milk for a few moments. The milk’s fat molecules break down the sulfides on the skin, causing the smell. The best part? You can also use the milk as a hand cream!

5. Clean microwave without scrubbing

How to clean the microwave: Remove food residues and cheese smells? Instead of cleaning for too long, place a bowl of water with lemon juice in the microwave and heat for five minutes at the highest setting. The liquid will evaporate and soften stubborn encrustations. You can then wipe it off with a damp kitchen towel. Your microwave will sparkle and smell new again.

6.Remove lime scale and water stains from the showerhead

How to get rid of water stains and calcification from your showerhead: Use vinegar to bathe it. The following trick will make it easy to remove the shower head: Fill a freezer bag and add a cup vinegar. Now place the bag over the showerhead and secure it with rubber. Let it sit for 30 minutes. The shower head looks brand new already!

7. Retrieve dropped jewelry

How did it happen? The last year’s gift earrings didn’t land in your ear. They landed on the floor. It is better to pull a fine stocking and place it over the vacuum cleaner’s pipe, instead of scanning the area on all fours. The net will catch any treasures that are lost. Be careful of runners, as otherwise jewelry could quickly disappear into the black hole.

8. Upholstery cleaning made simple

You have cleaned your apartment and are ready for Christmas guests. However, the couch is still covered in lint. You can now slip the nylon stocking by hand into a nylon stocking. The lint roller doesn’t need to be used. The friction between the socks and the skin attracts dust, crumbs, and lint. Additional tip: For quick dusting blinds, cotton socks can be used as “gloves”.

9. Remove scratches from parquet flooring

How did the Christmas tree stand scratch the wood floor when it was being put up? You can take a deep breath and this trick will fix it. First, moisten the coffee grounds with warm water. Then use a cotton swab to spread the mixture onto the scratch. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the results. A walnut can be used to help light-colored woods. Simply run the pulp across the area, similar to an eraser.

10. Clean pots from Incrustations

How to: The duck red cabbage is supposed be perfectly cooked. However, you cannot see the bottom of the pot due to the thick black-brown layer. This is a natural reaction because copper oxide forms during cooking. It settles in stainless-steel pots. It is not worth the time-consuming effort of scrubbing. Ketchup is the miracle cure! Acetic acid directly attacks copper oxide. Apply a thick layer of the acetic acid and then use the 30-minute exposure time to your advantage. The pot will look like new after you wipe it off.

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