10 Amazing Furnishing Ideas For Apartments With Sloping Ceilings

When you move to an apartment with a sloped roof, there are many furniture pieces that may be difficult to set up. With these ideas, almost any standard furniture piece is able to fit in the unique layout and accommodate your needs perfectly!

The attic space in an apartment with a sloped roof has many benefits like beautiful views, creative floor plan design possibilities; however, there are also issues that come along with it such as sets up new furniture but harder for people not used to doing hard labor tasks or moving heavy objects. These tips make turning this place into what you want practical & straightforward by using simple pieces instead of large ones if needed depending on size which gives off great vibes no matter who’s looking at it making it more than livable.

However, these 10 tips will show what’s possible and can help adjust the space depending on its size. It is well-used and creates a wonderful atmosphere!

These are some life hacks to design a living room with a sloped roof.

It doesn’t matter if you have a sloping or flat roof in your living room, it will still feel cozy. A beautifully designed room doesn’t need a sloped roof.

Hack #1: Use magnetic claws to help you take better photos

To add personal touches to your living space, photos are a great way to do it. The magnetic claw does not require drilling or hammering.

Hack #2: Use a picture claw pinboard to tinker.

The picture claw is another way to add accents without using nails or hammers.

Tip 1 – Choose the right bed

Built-in or storage systems in the attic bedrooms give you more extra space, but don’t take up extra room. A bed with built-in drawers can be used without a dresser. For tight spaces, the bed with a headboard and shelf is a great option.

When you need to maximize storage in a small space, box spring beds are the way to go. A headboard and shelf with built-in drawers allow for extra storage without sacrificing comfort or floor space.

Choose the right bed

For confined spaces where it’s hard to place tall bed frames underneath sloping roofs, consider using a boxed spring that is customizable so that fits perfectly into your bedroom! The headboard must follow the height restrictions of the sloped roof.

  • If the headboard is against the wall but within the room, it must be covered.
  • Sometimes the headboard can be removed from the box spring beds.
  • Modern box spring beds often come as a modular structure that can be adjusted to fit the sloped roof.
  • Box spring beds can be purchased with or without a headboard.
  • You can choose from many sizes and variations of the box spring bed to fit into any niche.

Tip 2: Make use of low-level storage furniture

While high shelves and boards offer lots of storage space, they are unable to fit under a sloping roof. You should therefore switch to lower furniture. Low boards and shelves that are intended to be placed directly on the slope should not exceed this jamb. This will allow you to make the most of your floor space.

Low boards can be used as storage and can be placed anywhere the slope is steep. This low furniture also has an added advantage: it can be stored, providing space for decorations or other items.

There are several ways to create a cozy nook spot in otherwise unused parts of your home. One example would be creating a reading corner in the kitchen. Another idea could be adding a coffee table near the couch.

Tip 3: Use a room divider to replace wall shelves

You will only find a few straight walls in many loft apartments. There are very few walls that can be moved when you place shelves. Room dividers, which aren’t positioned on the wall but instead as shelving elements in the room, come into play.

These shelves are light and decorative thanks to permeable shelves. Variable shelving cubes are an option if you have to. You can combine these elements in many ways, making it possible to create a unique and flexible arrangement.

There are other options for room dividers

  • A partition
  • A screen
  • Curtain
  • Plants

Tip 4 – Space-saving, comfortable and practical seating furniture

Low seating furniture is an excellent choice for apartments with steep ceilings. A sofa with a high-back would not be suitable for an apartment with sloped ceilings. Therefore, the couch should be slightly lower. This creates a comfortable corner. Be careful to not bump your head when you get up. You can also move the couch away from the slope to ensure it isn’t too crowded.

You should also avoid placing the furniture too close to the dining room. The chairs should be at a standard height. However, it is worth considering lighter and narrower seating furniture. You can quickly move them around if you feel uncomfortable.

Tip 5 – Highlight the beauty of a sloping roof or niches

Combining a sloping roof with small niches is a charming combination, especially if the environment is creatively designed. A decorative figurine can be used to create a unique accent in the niche. The penthouse can be decorated with colorful pillows and low-height floor lamps to create a special atmosphere. The apartment will be brightened by adding a little color, a mini shelf, or an antique-look reflector.

You should never ignore even the smallest corners, as they have the potential for storage or decoration. It is important to not overcrowd the apartment with unnecessary gimmickry. Otherwise, it will appear even smaller.

Tip 6 – Built-in furniture expands your options

The apartment is made to order with built-in furniture. It is more expensive, but it is worth it for the unique apartment in the attic. There are systems that can be used for each room, and these are designed by professionals.

  • Fitted kitchens that have cabinets at different heights
  • Custom-made wall units with sloping roofs
  • Bookshelves that can be inserted into angles or under the slope.

These built-in storage elements allow for more space to be used, which makes it easier to store other items.

Tip 7 – Plan your closet individually

Special solutions are required for planning closets in an attic apartment. It is not possible to use the traditional furniture in the attic because of the difficult angles and limited space. The classic wardrobe is no longer viable. It is necessary to have wardrobe systems that fit into the sloped roof.

There are other options for DIY-minded home improvement enthusiasts who don’t need a built-in closet. You will only need clothes rods or shelving elements to make the cabinet interior. You can use a lightweight partition instead of a traditional door that cannot be cut to your specifications. You can also install a curtain rod to make a curtain that will serve as the entryway for the walk-in closet.

Tip 8 – Use small furniture visually to increase the size of your rooms

The rule of thumb is that furniture with large pieces makes rooms smaller. Space-consuming furniture can also get in the way. You should use small furniture that gives the illusion of larger rooms in your attic.

Here, slim chairs, small tables, and narrow shelves are more atmospheric than large, sprawling tables and chairs. When decorating a room, you shouldn’t go overboard. Avoid puffy, dense curtains. Instead, use light, gossamer curtains.

Tip 9: Choose Natural Light colors

The apartment will look friendlier and larger if it is lighter in color, both for the furniture and the walls. An attic apartment can appear small and dark due to its roof slopes. You can create a welcoming atmosphere by choosing the right color. Highlights in corners can be created by adding pastel or other bright colors.

Experts recommend white as the main color. To enhance the atmosphere, you can paint the highest wall in the room with an accent color. These tips from interior designers for sloping ceilings demonstrate the effects of color accentuation as well as how to mix and match different finishes.

Tip 10: Proper Lighting

The apartment has been well decorated so that the storage space can be used to its full potential. Partially painted in bright colors, the walls were also repainted. The only thing that is missing is the right lighting.

The rules for an attic apartment are different from those of an apartment with no slopes. Dark corners are formed where corners and slopes meet. They can withstand indirect light from spotlights. You can also place a small decorative lamp in the niche to bring some light into the darkened space.

A classic ceiling lamp will not create the desired effect in an attic apartment. There should be at minimum one additional source of light in the room. Multiple lights create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the room. The apartment with its steep slopes will be bright and friendly.


With these Ideas for Sloping Ceilings, you can set up any standard furniture piece and accommodate your needs perfectly for an apartment with a sloped roof. There are many benefits to living in one of these apartments like beautiful views but also unique challenges that come along with it such as the difficulty of moving heavy objects or not being used to doing hard labor tasks. You might need help setting up all your new furniture once you move into this type of space so make sure you call us today!

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