A Complete Guide To Window Renovation: Expert Tips for Remodeling

There are many reasons why you should upgrade your old windows, from heat loss to poor sound insulation, damaged woodwork to single glazing. The renovation of a window requires the replacement of certain elements. Window condition determines which solution is best for you to choose when it comes to renovating your window units.

Important points before Window Renovation

The condition of the existing frame:

The frame, which holds the windows in place, should be in good shape. You can prick the tip with a screwdriver if it’s made of wood to check if it’s sinking. if so, the frames will need to be changed as they are not able to hold the new windows.

The opening space:

This is crucial, especially if you want to put in sliding windows. After the new window is installed on an old frame, the glazing surface will be lost. The glass will actually be lost by between two and three centimeters (top and bottom). Ideally, you should remove the old frame in this situation to gain maximum light.

The presence of a ventilation:

We must prevent excessive humidity that causes condensation.

The disadvantages of a renovation installation

It is necessary to ask whether frames should be completely removed or merely partially removed. Partially removing the skin involves covering the old frames with new ones, which requires that the frames be in perfect condition (no oxidation, moisture, deformation, etc.).

Consider adding masonry and painting costs to the installation costs if you will be required to remove the frames.

It is the loss of (slight) luminosity, which is linked to the installation that is mentioned in the introduction.

Third, the installation must follow art-as-craft guidelines to prevent thermal bridges.

Is there any thermal or acoustic gain to expect?

This is the main reason for a change of joinery.

In terms of energy gain, experts estimate that the gain is between 70 and 80% if you have good quality double-glazed windows. Your heating bill will drop immediately; you can expect an average price reduction of 20%.

Which windows to change first

Ideally, all windows should be changed at the same time in order to maximize efficiency and to enhance aesthetics.

Don’t start with the most expensive windows in your house but rather with the most significant ones to begin with (living room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.).

Which material for my windows?

Depending on what you need, you can choose from five kinds of materials or assemblies. Each one has its own qualities and defects

TypeAdvantages – Disadvantages
PVC windowsIn terms of value for money, they are the best, but they are not very ecofriendly, despite their ability to cope with large surfaces (bay windows).
Wood windowsAesthetic design, affordable price, but requires a lot of maintenance
Aluminum windowsElegant and resistant, but very pricey and not suitable for very cold regions
Wood / Aluminum windowsWith this combination, you get the benefits of wood and aluminum, and it is the better option if you have the budget
PVC / Aluminum windowsThis combination has lower quality than wood-aluminum, but is also less expensive

So, remember the following:

Although aluminum frames come with thermal breaks, wood or PVC frames offer more thermal insulation.

The most reliable, the most robust, and the most efficient frames on the market are wood/aluminum or PVC/aluminum frames that come in mixed wood/aluminum or PVC/aluminum combinations.

Aluminum is used as the outer surface of wood or PVC, which protects them from the vicissitudes of the weather (rain, snow, UV rays). These products require very little maintenance.

According to an ecological approach, 100% PVC windows are not recommended because they are pollutants or exotic woods are deforested.

The glazing, how about it?

Comparing the thermal performance of different types of glazing before purchasing your windows will help you make the right choice.

A window’s performance is measured and compared using the following factors:

Uw in terms of thermal conductivity

Uf in terms of joining performance

UG for the performance of the glazing.

The lower the Uw coefficient, the better the insulation.

If you use reinforced insulation on a double glazing, you can achieve a thermal performance rating of around 1.1-1.6 W/m2, which is adequate.

The raised double glazing is constructed with two layers of glass and a layer of Argon gas. The inner layer of the double glazing is treated to reduce heat loss, since it is low emissivity.

You can opt for triple glazing as part of a passive or energy-efficient house project. When the Uw is between 0.7 and 0.9 W/m2K,

A double window provides excellent thermal insulation while gaining insulation compared to a single window.

Can you renovate partially?

It can be done, but only on wooden frame. The installation of double glazing is a relatively simple process, but it would do no good if the window frames or sashes are damaged.

For this reason, changing the whole window frame is preferred so that all its thermal, phonic, airtightness and luminosity properties will not be affected.

In case you decide to go with this minimalist change, ensure that the glass thickness of the window can withstand its weight before making the change.

We do not recommend overglazing because you need to install a second pane of glass over the existing one, and the insulation performance will not improve as much.

Points to remember

  • Before you replace the woodwork, make sure you diagnose it
  • Based on the amount of energy you wish to save, choose the materials and glazing
  • When choosing a window, choose a special sound-proofing glass
  • Renovate partially only if you have no other option
  • Install external blinds and protective shutters on your new windows
  • These works may be eligible for the tax credit

Some additional things:

An overview of window insulation seals

Several materials are available for the window insulation joint. Various adhesives possess different levels of resistance with time. Glue or nail is required for the metal seal. The installation of silicone is more challenging. Nevertheless, they are available and can be easily installed, and as a result, can save tremendous amounts of energy.

Beautifully dressed windows

There is a growing variety of options available to dress your windows, whether it be blinds, curtains, or stickers. The window decoration you choose for your interior will ultimately depend on the budget and the effect you want to achieve.

Easy installation with accurate measurements

When installing renovation windows, determining the size of the window is a crucial step.  Installation and operation are made more efficient and effective with precise measurements.

Energy-efficient windows

A homeowner’s Holy Grail is to improve thermal comfort while preserving the environment. A window renovation can be the key to achieving this. But don’t overlook roof and wall insulation: you’ll save a lot of money on your heating bills.

For impeccable windows, regular maintenance is essential

Your property will be preserved and your comfort will be enhanced if your windows are regularly maintained. You can easily take care of your windows, glass, seals, and sliding window tracks by following a few simple steps.

Decorate your home with colored woodwork

Colors set the tone from the moment the entrance is walked through; they can be matte or sparkling, traditional or modern. Enhances the architectural detail, brightens or modernizes the building.

What are the benefits of changing your windows?

Better thermal insulation will allow you to reduce your energy bills. The objective is to ensure that you have a better soundproofing and a higher level of safety. The point is that doing this type of work increases the value of your home and allows you to claim a tax credit. This list of 10 reasons explains why making the change is a good idea.

How can glass blocks replace a window?

Glass block walls provide a number of benefits to your home. It will enhance the aesthetics of your living spaces while also adding a lot of natural light. Although it is heavy, its installation requires a certain amount of know-how and can quickly become an obstacle.

Glass replacement

The installation of new double glazing on an old wooden window is a superb way of restoring the woodwork and improving comfort.

Windows that offer optimum comfort

As windows increase in thermal insulation, they reduce energy costs and boost comfort throughout the year. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your frames based on exact criteria.

The solution to improving your comfort

If you live in an urban environment, have a street frontage or live near an airport, you cannot overlook the importance of sound insulation on a window. The house is more comfortable, and at the same time is more energy-efficient.

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