Mold on Mattress-How to Remove it Completely

The mattress is an essential element in our homes because after a long hectic day, we can’t wait to go back to bed and comfy mattresses to sleep on. That is why our mattresses need to be clean and comfortable. Many people face the problem of mold growing on the mattress after they have bought a new mattress, and soon enough, mold takes over their bedding. This is very harmful and dangerous to the health of the people who sleep in the bed, which has mold. Removing mold from a mattress is easy, let’s get it done.

remove mold from mattress

Why does mold grow on a mattress?

There are many reasons for growing mold on mattresses. Even being the cleanest person would not stop from growing mold on your mattress. A constant moist environment can cause mold problems. And you can’t control the weather. Besides the humid climate, there are also many other reasons for mold.

Any Mattress can Develop mold

There are no mold-free mattresses as mold is usually caused by humid weather and the environment. Mattresses are made from foam, and mold will grow on foam, even at the slightest moisty atmosphere. Any type of foam is the primary setting for mold. Mold can hide and colonize inside the air pockets of any mattress.

Flourishes in Dark and Moist Environments

All mold needs is a dark and moist environment to grow. Your mattress might be the perfect location for mold. You can get a bit sweaty in your sleep. Sweat contains all the humidity that mold needs to grow. And the mattress is usually located in a dark place as we like to sleep in the dark. Moreover, the mattress is covered with a bed cover. When the darkness combines with moisture, it just creates a perfect environment for mold.

Mold can be Airborne

Mold is a tiny airborne fungus. The mold can be visible after it has grown, but its reproductive structure is not visible. Mold can form spores to spread and reproduce. Those spores can travel in the air and spread all over the house. This causes breathing difficulties and other health issues.

Mold Spreads Quickly

Because of the fast-spreading characteristics of this mold fungus, it can be challenging to remove all the mold even after taking action against it. Trying to clean the mold from mattress after it has already taken over can cause the mold problem to go worse as mold can spread through the air. This can also cause the mold to spread at a faster frequency. In this situation, the easiest thing to do is to buy a new mattress.

How to know if there is mold on mattress?

You would not know right away if there is mold on your mattress unless you look in between your bedding as the mattress stays covered with bedsheets. If your mattress gets infected by mold, you may start noticing a weird smell, begin experiencing headaches, start having sleeping problems, and then you will begin to see strange spots on your mattress. The following are the most common ways to locate mold on mattress.


Mold Spores will have a tenacious, pungent smell. It will be hard to notice it first but will be constant.

Health Problems:

It is quite apparent that most people stay at least 8 hours on their beds a day. That is a long time. Spending such a long time with mold on your mattress will cause health issues like- allergies, headaches, itchy eyes, bottlenecks, and exhaustion. You can tell if it is mold allergy as this is different from other allergies because the infected area will start feeling better after getting away from the mattress.


When the mold is visible, it’ll not look like any other stain or mark on your mattress. It is most likely to grow in darker areas. If you still have problems recognizing it, you should seek help from experts.

How to Remove Mold from Mattress?

It’s better to stay alert and take preventive steps against mold while there is time instead of reactive actions afterward. If it becomes too late in the mold growing process, the treatment can be out of fees, and you might have to end up buying a new mattress.

All you have to do is clean your household more often, and this can be done with domestic cleaner and some old-fashioned elbow grease. This will need confirmation of warranty and manufacture. Mold grows in damp and dark places. So, your mattress should be placed in an area where it will be well ventilated and will get enough sunlight. This will give the exact opposite environment from where mold can quickly grow.

Here are some steps to follow in cleaning mold off mattress-

Step 1

Immediately after finding the mold spots, vacuum the surface of your mattress. And make sure to clean your vacuum cleaner thoroughly afterward to avoid spreading the spores.

Step 2

Mix warm water and rubbing alcohol in a 1:1 ratio, dip a piece of cloth into the mixture, squeeze it out, and brush the mattress’s surface in a spherical pattern. You should scrub outside the visible surface of the spore, too, because not all mold spores will be visible.

Step 3

The mold spores should be wiped with a warm wet cloth and be immediately dried after cleaning. If the mattress surface remains damp and soaking, it will just add to the damp environment mold can thrive in.

Step 4

You can use a spray to disinfect the entire surface of the mattress. The spray should be suitable for the molded fabric. This will require the warranty on your mattress.

Step 5

After cleaning, your mattress should be kept in a sunny and well-ventilated area. As the sun is mold’s worst enemy, keeping the mattress in a place where sunlight reaches will protect it from mold.

How to Prevent Mold Growth In A Mattress?

Following specific steps, mold will go away for some time. You can still face mold problems even after you have already taken action against it. The mold grows on the mattress for some reason, and if you do not find out the exact cause and take action against it, mold will continue coming back. That is why just getting rid of mold or replacing a new mattress is not enough. You have to take precautions for future mold prevention.

Mold can happen from a lot of things like- sweat, location of the mattress, humidity in the house, etc. In those cases, you must get to solve those problems first. For sweat, you can get a waterproof mattress cover. And the sweat will not reach your mattress anymore. And mold problem caused by sweat will be solved.

The placement of the mattress is also an important thing to consider. If you keep your mattress on the floor, it will be more likely to get damp easily as there can be water on the floor for many reasons. There is a high risk of mold growing on your mattress if you have indoor plants and mattresses in the same room. So, it should be placed in dry, a place where sunlight reaches.

Keeping a board or box spring under your mattress can also help to keep water from the mattress.

Some steps for prevention to keep your mattress safe from mold are given below-

  • Buy a mold-resistant material mattress
  • Keep your mattress as dry as possible. 
  • Use an absorbent cover on the mattress
  • Keep changing your bed sheets more often
  • Don’t lie on your mattress if in wet body
  • Dry your hair before lying down on your mattress
  • keep away wet towels and clothes off the mattress
  • Keep rotating and flipping your mattress frequently
  • Put the mattress out in sunlight occasionally
  • Keep an airflow going by using fans and air conditions
  • Use a desiccator to pull moisture out of the air.
  • Use an air purifier to keep the air clean
  • Keep your mattress dry and well ventilated

Can a moldy mattress make you sick?

If you sleep on a moldy mattress, then you are at risk for some health issues. Contact with mold can result in serious physical problems. For example- developing asthma, serious allergy condition, or have breathing difficulties.

Panting can also be happened due to mold exposure. Most people don’t realize that this can be the effect of mold. Mold problems should not be overlooked because this can result in significant health issues. Lungs can also get affected and end up in asthma, which is life-threatening. Mold can also cause rashes, which develops in the area of contact. An aggravated rash or irritation at the site of contact might be experienced in that case.

People who are already suffering from long-lasting lung illnesses could grow lung infections after mold exposure. This can lead your life at risk. So, if you have already faced mold problems on your mattress, the sooner you take action against it, the healthier your life will be.


If you are facing mold problems in your mattress, the best way to get rid of the mold infected mattress and buy a new one. While purchasing a new one, keep in mind about the environment you live in, as well as the condition of your bedroom. There are no perfect mattresses, and you cannot live in the ideal environment, but following the given instructions can create an appropriate setting for your mattress, keeping you healthy and safe.

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