How to Clean TV Remote Control from Inside and Outside

A TV remote control that’s been used every day for the past few months is often covered in sweat, dust and pet hair. It can’t be helped because it has many functions to remember! After a while this accumulation will make your buttons stick together or obscure their signal completely. It might even start running on automatic pilot mode without anyone pressing any buttons at all (but don’t worry though-just replacing batteries isn’t always enough). To get things back up again you’ll need some cleaning solution.

Dirt can build up on your remote control, causing signal impenetrability and sticking. It’s not enough to simply replace the batteries. We must also clean any dirt and debris from the remote control before we can get back down. This post on “How to Clean TV Remote Control” is going to help you in that process. Read it full to know the tips and tricks.

How and what to clean the outside

Before you use your remote control, it is essential to clean it. You can clean your remote control by wiping away any dirt or grease that may have accumulated over the years with alcohol or vodka. Also, make sure you don’t have any metal objects underneath. They conduct electricity and can cause damage to our gadgets.

Note: Before you start working on the remote control, you need to remove the batteries.

Cleaning the remote control is a tedious process that requires patience, care and attention. To clean the remote control, use a cotton swab or a lint-free cloth to wipe it off. For difficult-to-reach areas, you can use toothpicks. This will keep splinters out of your case. After all parts are cleaned (buttons included), let them dry overnight. Next, rub aloe Vera gel on the case to prevent splinters from entering.

You can do this by using vodka or alcohol to rub on the surface, and then wiping away any dirt or greasy substances such as peanut butter (or other things). Also, make sure you don’t have any metal objects underneath. They conduct electricity and can cause damage to our gadgets.

The device should not be washed or wiped with damp cloths. The board contacts will oxidize if there is even a slight moisture. This will adversely affect the device’s performance.

Ready-made compositions are available (liquids, sprays) for cleaning consumer electronics. These cleaners can be used to clean not only surface dirt but also oxidized contacts. Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

How to disassemble the remote controller

How to disassemble the remote controller

If surface cleaning has not worked, you can take apart the remote and clean from inside. How to do it

  • Take out the batteries.
  • Use a small screwdriver or a knife to loosen the bolts within the housing. To ensure that they aren’t lost, put them in a matchbox.
  • Once all screws have been removed, you can separate the console panels. You can use a small screwdriver to facilitate this process. It is better to avoid using a plastic card. This will protect the case from scratches.
  • After opening the case, remove the elastic insert and buttons from the board.

Some remote controls have panels joined with special latches. To disconnect them, you should carefully pry them apart with a plastic card or a small screwdriver, passing all around the perimeter.

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How to clean the insides of your device

It’s important to clean the inside properly to make sure there is no dirt inside of it.

Elec board

Use a lint-free, soft or alcohol-based cloth to moisten the surface. Wipe both sides of the board. Next, make sure there are no traces of lint or pieces of absorbent cotton. The same process is repeated for the battery compartment. Place the cleaned area on a piece of paper towel.

Front Panel

You can clean the front cover that contains the button holes with alcohol or soap. This solution can be applied to a cotton pad, cloth or pad. The button holes require special attention. You can clean them with cotton swabs dampened in a cleaning agent of your choice. Follow up with a clean, dry cloth.


You can wash the rubber pad with buttons with soapy water, toothpaste, or alcohol. It is best to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles and a cotton pad.

Alcohol evaporates quickly. Use soap paste or a soap solution to rinse your parts. Wipe them clean with a microfiber towel. It can be placed on a towel or cloth, and left to dry.

Assembling the remote control

Only dry all parts can be used to assemble the remote control. Here’s how it works:

  • Place the board on the table, and then attach the cloth with buttons to it.
  • Next, assemble the case and tighten the screws.
  • Check the functionality of your remote control by inserting the batteries. This is done without turning on the TV. You will need to turn on the smartphone’s camera and point the remote at it by pressing one of the buttons. A bright dot will appear on the screen if everything went well.

How to extend the service life

The remote control does not need to be cleaned daily. A superficial wipe of the housing every 2-3 months suffices. You can clean the grooves using a toothpick.

You can do the following to avoid dirt buildup and prolong the life expectancy of your remote control:

  • Use plastic film and secure the ends with tape. Although it’s not visually appealing, it’s reliable.
  • You can purchase a cover for your remote control. Although it looks great, older models may not be protected by this cover.
  • You can choose to use a shrink-wrap protection film for your remote control. This case can be placed on the remote control, and cut if necessary.

If the activities performed did not adversely affect the remote’s working condition, it is worth calling specialists or replacing the device with a new one.

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