You can Decorate a small bathroom with a fold-away shower

How do you furnish a small bathroom while making the most of the available space? Here are our top tips and tricks to Decorate a small bathroom using radiant colors, mirrors, and space-saving plumbing.

Small bathrooms don’t have to be cramped or uncomfortable. You can make your bathroom feel like a relaxing oasis with our help. We show you how to do it!

Your Small bathroom is actually big

To make your bathroom appear smaller, don’t divide it into multiple areas. This principle applies to bulky furniture.

Contrarily, it is essential to highlight the layout of the small space, especially with furniture. Different tile colors and shapes can also disrupt the harmony of the bathroom, making it shrink. It should be a complete unit so that the room makes a welcoming and spacious impression.

Bathroom in Scandinavian design

The wall and floor can look like a magic!

A small bathroom will appear more significant if it has the same floor as the wall. Large tiles are best as they offer a smoother surface and fewer joints. You must ensure that tiles are not cut and they are purchased in the correct size. The grout lines will be smaller if the edges of ground tiles are used. You can also avoid grout lines entirely by plastering bathroom walls to repel water.

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Are plastered walls or plain tiles too dull? This is why mosaic tiles with gold leaf or metallic looks are a great way to make your room stand out.Bathroom with mosaic tiles

Bathroom Ideas for the north – More inspiration: Bathroom

You can also use a shower backsplash if you don’t want tiles. We have collected the most beautiful and unusual shower backsplash ideas in our article “Never again bore showering: 6 motif suggestions for your shower back wall.” There’s something for every bathroom.

Tip: Mirrors instantly increase the size of a room, so hang a few large ones!

Bright bathroom with a large mirror at the wall

The bathroom appears larger when large mirrors are mounted on the walls.

Bathrooms are a place where color and light can be used

The room will look more vibrant if it is filled with light, coordinated colors like yellow, white, and beige. The colors of the walls and tiles should be matched by furniture. Smooth transitions are better for the bathroom’s visual size and mood than solid contrasts.

A room that is well lit creates a stronger impression. So, consider using multiple lamps instead of one. Floor lamps are also a great eye-catcher and give your bathroom more space. There is nothing better than natural sunlight in the bathroom, so make sure to take advantage of any chance to increase the size of the windows.

Bright, modern bathroom with large shower.

A small bathroom should be filled with bright colors and multiple light sources.

Showers that can be folded away

You want to take a refreshing shower, but your bathroom is too small. Frameless folding glass doors can solve this problem quickly! Because of their elegance and transparency, glass doors increase the room’s visual size. They can also be folded to allow for a large entrance. Folding shower doors can be opened entirely inwards and then tucked away when not in use.

You don’t have to compromise the comfort of showering or have more space in your bathroom. These doors can be used with rectangular and square shower trays and are very useful for corners and niches. You can also find information on which shower doors would be best suited for small bathrooms in our article “Which bathroom door is right for you?” This article.

Combia’s fold-away shower enclosure allows for maximum mobility even in small bathrooms.

For small bathrooms, shower shapes

Some shower trays are not suitable for small bathrooms. We have listed the most appropriate shapes for small bathrooms.

  • You can place square shower trays in any corner of a bathroom.
  • Rectangular shapes work well in narrow bathrooms, providing more space and allowing for smoother passage. You can also make a fold-away bathtub from it.
  • The pentagonal shower tray is perfect for any corner. It saves space and creates a modern focal point on the side.
  • Because of its round shape, the quarter-circle body can be used in corners and offers more space than a pentagonal tray for showering.

Entirely without a shower tray

You can also install a floor-level bathroom shower without the need for a tray. This works well with a tiled floor. A drain or shower channel can be added to the installation. This will make your bathroom appear larger due to the uniform surface. It will also make it easier to clean the shower. It is a great alternative for those who do not wish to use a door

Planning the sanitary facilities

You can make your bathroom more space-efficient by reducing the size of the shower. This article explains how toilets and washbasins can help.

Small sink, big effect

A standard-sized washbasin is often too large for small bathrooms. You should measure your space carefully and choose a smaller model. Washbasins that combine a cabinet and a sink are called combination washbasins or furniture washbasins. Creating space around the sink makes it appear as though the basin is larger because they take up a lot of space.

An open cabinet under the sink is also a good idea. In this way, there is more space and less clutter. Traditionally, the mirror cabinet over the sink has been a great option. The vanity usually comes with a mirror, additional storage, and a light.

Toilet compactly packed

You can also save space by using a proper toilet. Yes! Yes, indeed! Floor-standing toilets are easier to install than floor-standing toilets. The positive side effect is that the floor underneath the toilet can be cleaned easily. Compact toilets are available as a space-saver for users with small bathrooms or for those who need to save space. Although smaller in size, these toilets offer exactly the same freedom and comfort as regular sized toilets.

Everything at its best

You should make use of every inch in a bathroom that is small and manageable. Keep only the essentials in your bathroom. You can also use every niche and wall to attach hooks and holders for towels and hairdryers there.

Our article “Small bathroom with lots of space!” Bloggers share creative ideas and tricks to help you make your bathroom a space-saving wonder. We are glad to help you plan your bathroom and answer any questions you may have.

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