Tips from the Experts: How to Remove limescale from Shower Head

There isn’t a single person today who doesn’t have either a bathroom or a shower. A water sprayer is one of the most important elements of a shower set. Mineral deposits can build up on parts of the structure that are in constant contact with hard water. It is therefore important to learn how to clean the showerhead from limescale so that you don’t feel any discomfort or discomfort during water procedures.

Disassembly of the shower head

Metalized plastic and stainless-steel shower heads are popular among the many models. This is due to their low cost and easy maintenance. The shower heads are durable and wear-resistant, but limescale and water stones can cause contamination. It is important to know how to clean the showerhead to restore a consistent flow of water. You will first need to take it apart.

– A regular or Phillips screwdriver

-Three-pin wrench

– A pair of pliers and a sharpened needle

-Use a soft cloth with a brush.

The first step is to disconnect the hose from the shower head and remove the body. A self-tapping screw holds the shower head in place, and a decorative cap closes it. In order to undo the it, you will have to turn it counterclockwise so as not to damage any parts. Don’t cause damage to the spray plate given the level of contamination.

The shower head’s main component is the diffuser. The material it is made from will determine its functionality and how long it lasts. The nozzle’s intended use and frequency are considered by the manufacturer who makes it from high-quality plastic or stainless steel with various nozzles.

The elements of the showerhead

Plaque can form despite all the benefits of the product when it is used for prolonged periods of time with low-quality water. Plastic heads are more susceptible to limescale than plastic ones. This is because threads and plates that have nozzles are the most easily covered by limescale. Stainless steel and copper products, contrary to the synthetic polymer are less susceptible to precipitation.

Modern, low-cost nozzles are made with specially designed plates and soft rubber nozzles to get rid of lime. With vibration, the short tubes push the sediment particles outward, even at low heat. This prevents them from being fixed.

The middle is where you will find a mounting bolt.

How to remove limescale from shower head

Modern showerheads have different types of plates and functional properties. It is important to clean the body and other parts regularly to prevent contamination. Many users are interested in how to clean the showerhead using common, improvised methods, without having to hire professionals. The following are the best ways to clean the showerhead.

– Soak in vinegar for 30 minutes. Then, use a brush and clean off any lime deposits. It is important to repeat the process if the watering can be not clean.

– Cleaning with citric acid: Soak the contaminated parts in a solution containing 3 bags at 15 grams per Liter of water. Rinse well with water.

– Use baby oil to remove plaque. Use a soft cloth to wipe its body. Spray the threads and plate with the oil, and let them sit for one hour. Then, use a soapy solution to clean the area.

– Cleaning the nozzle with Oxalic Acid (immerse it in a solution containing 2 tablespoons of powder per 1 liter of water for 20 minutes, then scrub the nozzle with the brush and rinse under running water). It is used to remove stale or accumulated material.

To remove contaminants, you must ensure that the body and the nozzles are clean.

You don’t have to take apart the structure. Instead, fill a bag of vinegar with water and place it on the showerhead overnight. Finally, clean the showerhead with a toothbrush. Oxalic acid can be used to remove plaque.

Because surfaces react differently to cleaning solutions, it’s possible that you won’t get the results you want after your first use. These solutions should not contain harsh abrasives. They can cause damage to the nickel-chromium coating, making the nozzle unusable.

Because the surfaces of parts react differently to cleaning solutions, it is possible that you won’t get the desired results with the first application. It is best to avoid using aggressive abrasives in such situations. They can cause damage to the nickel-chromium coating, making the nozzle unusable.

Cleaning Agents

Even though there are minor details to disassemble the nozzle, it is easy to clean it with specialized descales. Instructions for using a special chemical agent to clean the nozzle are included with the remedy. Domestos and Mr. Muscle, Silit Bank, Toilet Duck and other cleansers are some of the most popular. There are many benefits to cleaning products:

High-quality, long-lasting cleaning effects

Safety for the surface and the environment

The dispenser allows for economical consumption

  1. Refillable, long shelf-life;
  2. Instructions for use and quality certificates.

Professional plaque removers

You can quickly remove plaque from both modern and old nozzles by using household chemicals. After applying the product to the affected area, rinse with lots of water. Repeat the process to remove any accumulated plaque. The universal cleaner’s chemical composition gently cleans the surface and kills fungal growths.


Universal chemical compositions are quick to react and effectively remove lime deposits, leaving the surface shiny and clean. Proper care of your shower unit will prolong its life expectancy. Before you use the shower unit, make sure to read through these care instructions.

Plumbing equipment should be used daily, with a heavy plumbing load. It is important to take care of the equipment and clean it every six months. These measures allow you to use your nozzle for many years without worrying about it breaking down. . This ensures that the water jet is clean and safe.

Here are some useful tips to take care

After each use, all chrome-plated parts are cleaned with a detergent and dried. You can easily clean any plugged holes with a toothpick.

Water filters can be used to get rid of plaque buildup on showerheads. An inexpensive device can be installed. The price will vary depending on the job of water purification.

Shower filter

Shower filters dramatically alter the water’s performance. The water quality can affect the filter’s lifespan. This system eliminates the need for consumers to worry about cleaning the showerhead from limescale. The practical filter is chosen based on the technical data of your shower design.

– budget;


The mechanical filter in the economy class system cleans hot and cold water. It protects shower parts from lime, fine particles, and other contaminants. The filter makes the water soft and clear without any chemical odor, which is safe for your health.

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